Longtime hospital volunteers make gift-giving investment in Mercy

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Longtime hospital volunteers make "gift-giving investment"

Physicians, nurses, caregivers and staff typically are seen as the front line of hospital operations. But, often behind the scenes, volunteers perform critical tasks that keep patient care and administrative functions running smoothly.

Retired couple Tom and Sheila Inks have dedicated countless volunteer hours to Mercy General Hospital. For nearly 15 years, Sheila has served on the hospital guild, assisting patients and families at the surgery center. Twice a week, Tom prepares discharge paperwork for patients who have completed their outpatient therapy programs. “As volunteers, we see the hands of Mercy at work every day. So many individuals have been positively impacted by the care and services they receive at the hospital,” said the Inks, who recently made a philanthropic gift to Mercy Foundation.

The Inks have experienced Mercy’s high-quality care themselves. Seven years ago, Tom underwent a heart transplant in San Francisco. Much of his care prior to and following the surgery was at Mercy General, where he feels he received top-notch treatment from physicians, nurses and staff. “The Mercy experience is really exceptional," Tom said. "When you enter a Mercy facility, you’re not merely a visitor. You’re family."

The Inks were particularly struck by the compassion and care they received from Sisters Kathleen Horgan, Mary St. Michael and Clare Marie Dalton, who often visited during Tom’s hospital stay. “The Sisters have the whole picture. They not only take care of the patients, but also the entire family,” said Sheila. Her volunteer work includes referring out-of-town patients and families to the House of Mercy, a four-unit apartment across the street from Mercy General that is a comfortable and convenient place for healing for those with limited transportation or financial resources. Sheila can relate to the need for this kind of facility, as she stayed in a Bay Area hotel for five weeks during Tom’s heart transplant. “It warms my heart that the Sisters offer the House of Mercy as a place of respite,” she said.

Moved by the compassion demonstrated by Mercy, the Inks wanted to do more than volunteer to support the Sisters’ mission. Their financial advisor recommended they create a charitable gift annuity, which enables them to make a gift to the Foundation and receive a steady stream of fixed payments for life.

The Inks are pleased to be able to support the Foundation for the long term. “It’s a gift-giving investment,” said Tom. “Instead of putting our money in the bank and earning half a percent interest, we give it to Mercy Foundation and put it to good use. We want the Sisters to be able to continue their good work for years to come.”

Planning your estate and legacy requires thoughtful consideration and discussion. Mercy Foundation can work with you and your professional advisor to design a gift plan based on your charitable goals and your unique situation. For more information about gift planning or to receive a free, on-obligation personal gift illustration, contact Kevin Duggan at (916) 851-2703 or e-mail Kevin.Duggan@dignityhealth.org.

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